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Main functions in brief!

1. Our site's most important fuction is routes management in your virtual company in ETS 2 and/or ATS. Every worker can submit his routes. This is how Add Route's form looks like:

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2. Next, boss or person with special permission can check correction with screenshoots and set income. They can also take into consideration damages.

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3. All routes are on your company's timeline, which everyone can see, but only people with particular permission can check routes from there.

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4. There is possibility to manage every worker in your company. You can control everything! Also, you can check activites and make some personalization!

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Our site is still in development!

We're open for changes. Do you have any idea or you've found any bug? Please, contact with us. We need your opinion! We want to reach to more people. If you like our solution, please tell your friends about it!

We're developing this site completely for free. We need some money for domain and server. We also want to extend our server disk surface! So please disable your adblock, we've got only one small banner!

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Mikołaj Pytlarz - Creator | Application Back-end | Contact

M@ster - Originator | Advertising | Contact

TheArczi - Front-End Creator | Helper


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